Dating/Marrying a Vietnamese Woman: Best Tips & Advice

Are you a Viet Kieu or a Western man looking to dating or marrying a Vietnamese woman? You must watch this video clip. I am going to share some important information about Vietnamese women, in terms of dating, relationship and marriage.

Let’s talk about Vietnam a little. Vietnam is a developing country. There are many people who make $8,000 a day, while millions of others make $8 a day. Many of those people who make $8 a day, look for a way to come to the Western country to work and make money. One of the easy way to migrate to the West is to get married with a Viet Kieu or Western man. There are also rich Vietnamese people want to migrate to the West such as Canada, Australia, and the US, because of economic and education opportunities, safe investment, clean and fresh air, great education system, and so on.

Vietnamese women are the most stunning women on the world. They are popular for their physical appearance and personality. They are caring and responsible. Close family ties, respecting elders, and serving her husband, will make Vietnamese women an ideal wife. Even though they were born or raised in the West, they still keep the traditional custom values.

Every year, there are thousands of Viet Kieu and Westerners fly to Vietnam to get married with Vietnamese women. They know each other through introductions from family or friends, as well as the online dating sites.
Vietnamese women are kind and charming. They have strong character but they are submissive to their husband. They are taught to be respecting the husband. When you are her husband, you will recognize how patient, kind, generous, and supportive she is. When you are in a fight with her, she chooses a way to be quiet and listening. Then, she will gently talk to you when the argument is over.

Vietnamese women are smart, educated and hard working. Many of Vietnamese women have high education degrees when they live in the West. Those who work at nail shops work so hard to take care of their family. They can work 12 hours a day, but still cook daily meals for the family.

I think Vietnamese women are good for marriage. They are family oriented. Their are more than beauty and physical appearance. They have extraordinary skills to make your house a warm home. They can keep an organized home, cook delicious daily meals, and take good care of their husband and children. Especially, they are faithful and trustworthy to their husband.

Your looks and age doesn’t matter to most Vietnamese women. If you are 50 years old, then you can get married with a 30-year old woman in Vietnam. If you are bald or fat, you are still able to find a young wife in Vietnam. What she is looking for is a husband who treats her with respects. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are strong in bed, she still stays with you. Your personality and the way you treat her is the utmost important for her.

Vietnamese women are not gold diggers, but they want security for the family. You know what I mean.

Vietnamese woman

Vietnamese woman

Vietnamese women are not easy-come and easy-go kind of women. It takes some time to win her heart. When she is your wife, you may be a king of her heart. She wants to have a safe and long term marriage. So, there are some ways you need to do to win her heart.

1. You should be friendly to her by giving her a smile and have sweet conversation.
2. Make her feel safe on your love by giving her flowers and cards on special occasions.
3. Don’t try to get her on bed too early because she may think you are not serious but just want to have sex.
4. You should respect her family and relatives.
5. Be patient.

In summary, there are some reasons to marry a Vietnamese woman:
1. Vietnamese women are popular for their physical appearance and personality.
2. They are caring, patient and understanding.
3. They are generous and supportive.
4. They believe in a one-man one-woman relationship.
5. They consider family before money.
6. They are extraordinary home keepers.
7. They are hard workers.
8. They have strong character but are submissive to their husband.

If you are a Viet Kieu or a foreigner looking for a young woman in Vietnam or in the West, then you should ask your friends to hook you up. For those who don’t have any introduction from families or friends, you should find her at Vietnamese dating sites.

I am Tony. I am a Vietnamese American who lives in the US. I developed to hookup single women and men in Vietnam and around the world. The best place to look for Vietnamese women is the Vietnamese dating sites. You know why? This is because they are looking for you as well.

Good luck and have a good day!

Vinh Danh THIÊN CHÚA trên trời, 
Bình an dưới thế cho loài người Chúa thương" (Luca 2:14)

God Bless VIETNAM!


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